Selected jewelry and metalwork : Michael Baer

The simplicity, timelessness, and beauty of natural forms provide inspiration for metalwork objects of silver, copper, and stone. My fabricated wearables evoke a sense of history: sometimes personal, sometimes cultural, and sometimes natural.

rivet rings with stones:

[ruby in silver]
[diopside in silver with liver of sulfur (size 8)]
[cubic zirconia in silver and copper]
[sapphire in silver]
[andalusite in silver]
[blue diamond rivet ring (size 8.75)]

tube-set rings with stones:

[ruby in silver and heat-oxidized copper (size 7)]
[sapphire in silver]
[sapphire in silver]
[sapphire in silver]
[ruby in silver]

other rings with stones:

[Moss Beach sea glass in silver]
[emerald in silver]
[orange garnet in silver]
[silver ring with five garnets (size 7.5+)]
[silver ring with two garnets]

rivet rings without stones and rings with non-stone settings:

[silver with liver of sulfur]
[silver rivet ring]
[reticulated silver poison ring]
[Tsar Mikhail kopeck ring (c. 1640-1641)]

other sterling silver rings without stones:

[silver spinner ring]
[toned silver ring (size 8)]
[planished silver ring]
[three-ring spinner ring with corn husk pattern (size 5+)]
[irregular corn husk pattern ring (size 5.25)]
[simple wrapped wire ring (size 8.5)]

mixed-material rings without stones:

[reticulated silver on copper]
[silver/copper scrap ring]
[silver on copper on brass ring]
[silver ring with copper nugget]

collections of rings:

[assorted band rings]
[assorted riveted rings]
[assorted riveted rings]
[assorted riveted rings (size 8: two rivets))]


[silver/copper bangle faceted with tourmaline]
[silver/copper bangle with amazonite and aventurine]
[silver/copper cuff with tourmaline]


[heat-oxidized copper earrings with reticulated silver on copper]
[heat-oxidized copper earrings with silver]
[mismatched sapphire earring pieces]
[tanzanite earrings]
[earrings, reticulated silver on copper]
[reticulated silver jellyfish earrings]

pendants and pins with stones:

[Lands End Monterey cypress with oxidized copper tree, copper ground, silver sky, and sapphire sun]
[reticulated silver sapphire pendant]
[hummingbird and sapphire flower]
[blue diamond on silver]
[sapphire and cubic zirconia]
[free-form silver with emerald]

pendants without stones:

[droplet of silver on heat-oxidized copper]
[oxidized copper flower]
[copper owls, one enameled]

leaves and spoons:

[small copper leaves]
[small copper leaves]
[big copper leaves]
[silver spoon with garnet]

small mixed collections:

[sterling and reticulated silver jellyfish earrings with matching pendant]
[hummingbird on reticulated silver with garnet pair (size 6.25: ring)]
[andalusite and emerald free-forms]
[blue diamond and emerald free-forms]

large mixed collections:

[enamelled collection]
[mid-semester collection]
[mid-semester collection]

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